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All of our certified Disc Jockey's are experienced master-of-ceremonies who provide seamless announcements while playing the perfect song list based on your tastes.

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All DJ coverage includes a Certified Disc Jockey, hand selected by our team based on your style & preferences, an experienced Master-of-Ceremony to provide seamless announcements and uninterrupted music and the perfect song list based on your tastes.

Additional time is available for $100 per half hour, per professional.

Common Questions

When do I meet my DJ?

Planning your wedding probably feels like a 2nd job already- you have a life, right?! We have our professionals contact you by phone and email so you aren’t trying to fit a meeting into your already hectic schedule. We’ll send out all of the contact details as your big day approaches, so that everyone is focused on your event. Also, instead of your DJ dealing with potential and past customers the week of your wedding, that time is spent solely preparing for YOUR day! By then, your timeline is in place, and your DJ can be more focused on preparing and fine tuning your play list once all of the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. Not only does this take some of the stress of your plate, it takes it off of the DJ’s as well- no guessing games, just great service.

How do I know what kind of music they are going to play?

You’re in control here! Through our Music and Wedding Checklists, you’ll let the DJ know what kind of vibe you are looking for, from general genre to song specifics. You’ll pick all of the big moments: Entrances, First Dance, Parent Dances, Cake Cutting, etc. and then you can either keep on picking, or the DJ will fill in the gaps based on your selections. You can be as selective or as general as you wish. There’s even a Do Not Play list (cause we’re thinking stuff like the Hokey Pokey can just stay home, right?)

How do I know the DJ’s personality will be a good fit for me?

Those questions on our Music Checklists tell us everything we need to know to match you up with the ideal DJ. Every wedding is different- we have someone perfect for every event. We guarantee it!

How many hours do I need?

This all comes down to how your day is structured. If you are having everything at one location (ceremony, cocktails, and reception), the 6 hour package is ideal. Just cocktails and reception? Go with the 5 hour package. If dinner is all you need, then the 4 hour package will cover that perfectly. The DJ will set up prior to start time, so no need to worry about paying for extra setup time. Think about when you need your DJ to press “Play”, and start from there.

How do I know how many lights I will need for Uplighting?

For best results, lights should be spaced every 10-15 feet around the room so the number of lights will depend on the size of the room. Lights can also be placed to illuminate columns, archways and other architectural aspects of the room or location so this should be taken into consideration when determining the number of lights that are necessary to provide the desired effect.

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