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Photography Tips To Make The Most Of Your Prep

March 23, 2022

The time right before the ceremony is one of our favorites to shoot- the excitement from the bridal party is absolutely infectious! Here are some tips to make the most of your pre-wedding ceremony photography session:

Don’t worry if your photographer only gets a few shots of you getting your hair and makeup done. The best makeup/hair shots are done when you are nearly complete (no one wants to look unfinished).

Timing Tip: The bride should never be the last to get hair and makeup. When it comes to photos, nothing will happen if the bride isn’t ready to get in her dress. If a bridesmaid is the last, you can still move along with the bride getting ready and get that shutter snapping.

Look for a place for the photographer to hang the dress.   It will be one of the first things shot along with other detail shots of shoes, rings, jewelry and invitation.

Half-glam is a thing! Before everyone gets in their bridal gear, take some time to get ready casually but cohesively with matching robes, flannel shirts, or leggings. Piling on a bed is always a flattering angle, but standing linking arms is great too.

Bridesmaids and parents should get dressed before the bride, that way everyone looks their best while the bride gets dressed, and won’t steal focus. It also makes for a more cohesive background.

Leave some time before you leave the prep location to get solo bridal shots, preferably near a window to let in the perfect amount of light to let your beauty shine!  

Timing Tip: Make sure to schedule at least 1 hour to as much as 2 hours for proper prep shots. 1.5 hours is ideal to get everything covered and take your time to get ready so you don’t feel like you are racing the clock. This is YOUR special day- enjoy it!