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About Our Professionals

With Wedding Bug, you are promised top quality, artistry & professionalism.


Our community of photographers & videographers are personally selected for their talent, experience, and dedication. Not just anyone gets to be a part of the Wedding Bug team- all must go through a lengthy vetting and certification process. We review images from past weddings, check references, and conduct very thorough interviews. To become a part of the squad, they must be established in the wedding business, too. We’re picky...only 1 in 10 make it through our approval process (only the best for our couples!). Our Directors are seasoned professionals who’ve been in the biz for 20+ years and know exactly what it takes to make the grade. We keep a close eye on each shoot & every review we get from our couples to ensure you receive the very best Wedding Bug has to offer.


A photographer's artistic talents can add so much to the personal setting he or she is capturing. By just slightly adjusting a pose, changing an angle, or arranging people and things just-so, a photographer can provide the perfect personal touch. Any photographer worth their salt takes the time and effort to make adjustments and takes several variations of the same pose and scenes, just to make sure that there’s that perfect take that the bride and groom will cherish forever and ever. Take a look at wedding blogs, Pinterest, and our gallery and share a few examples of the style and poses you'd like to see in your wedding photos (so we can make sure to make your dreams come true).


Experience is an important qualification for a professional wedding photographer or videographer. Our photographers have plenty of experience using professional photography equipment. We understand that knowing how to get the right kind of indoor or outdoor lighting is essential to capturing moments perfectly. Our videographers use cutting edge techniques and tech to capture the perfect shot with clarity & crispness, and adding a DSLR option adds a cinematic touch to any wedding film.


Being in the wedding industry for 10+ years is no easy feat. It takes commitment to your craft, adaptability to new trends, and most importantly, a sincere love for what you do. We’re honored to have helped thousands of happy couples have their dream wedding day, and we could never have gotten there without our dedicated team of the best wedding photographers & videographers around!

With Wedding Bug, you are promised top quality, artistry and professionalism. Guaranteed.


Professional & Knowledgeable Entertainers

Every Wedding Bug DJ is an established master-of-music and master-of-ceremonies and has the experience to ensure your wedding is seamless and fun! Our DJs use their extensive music knowledge, state of the art equipment, and of course the biggest tool in their arsenals, their personalities, to make each wedding a blast.

How does it work? Beautifully! First, we take the time to learn about your vision and needs. Then, drawing from the largest and most diverse DJ network in the country, we will assign the perfect Wedding Bug DJ. From high energy to reserved, country to rap, bilingual to all diverse traditional customs, only we have your perfect DJ with the experience, skill, and knowledge needed to create your vision.

We Match Your Style

When you are choosing a wedding DJ for your special day, you may be concerned that it could be hard to find one that matches your style and that will provide the music and atmosphere you are really looking for. If you want a high energy event, you don't want a low-key DJ, and if you want to keep certain traditional customs with the music you choose, you don't want someone that only understands country music. At Wedding Bug we have you fill out your information on your preference sheet so that we can carefully take the time to learn about your needs and desires. Because we work with a DJ network that covers the country and is very diverse, we are able to select a DJ who will be perfect for your needs. From rap to rock to folk to country or even someone who is bilingual to help blend families of two nationalities, we can provide you with a DJ that will provide the musical background you are looking for.

Your Vision can be Reality

You don't have to worry that the wedding celebration you have been dreaming of could never happen. Instead, let Wedding Bug select the perfect DJ to bring his or her skills and knowledge to you and make your dreams come true. A great wedding reception with all the bells and whistles doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. With our professional DJs at budget prices, your vision can be brought to life.

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Our dedicated Wedding Consultants are there to assist you with selecting the coverage, options and upgrades that best fit your vision and budget. Call a wedding consultant at: 1-877-933-2843