About Us

Our Beginning

Every bride and groom deserves high-end artistry to preserve their most prized wedding day moments. Wedding Bug was founded to make it unbelievably affordable and accessible to all! The Wedding Bug team has over 40 years of experience producing wedding photography, video, and DJ and we have drawn on our rich history of quality, reliability and innovation to make it possible.

Bringing Together Our Talent

First-class service for your wedding day, from ceremony to soiree, starts with the very finest, award winning artists and professionals. We recruit, retain and personally get to know each and every professional to ensure only the best for our brides. Our Directors are seasoned professionals who’ve been in the biz for 20+ years and know exactly what it takes to make the grade. As a result, our talent brings tons of professional experience and have received countless awards for their artistry and service.

Our Process and Promise

Great wedding artistry and entertainment must match your unique vision. First we collect detailed information about your style to we make sure we understand your vision. Then we trust our Directors, familiar with each professional, to personally select the photographer, DJ, or videographer perfect for you.
Additionally, our talent is supported by the most reliable and sophisticated production system! We are proud to deliver top quality Photography, Video and DJ services for prices that can’t be beat.

Creating lots of buzz...

Wedding Bug was years in development and our time was well spent. Today, Wedding Bug is a wedding industry innovator and leader and we are proud to have been voted "Best of Weddings" by Knot brides.
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Join Us

Wedding Bug is always looking for talented and dedicated DJs, videographers and photographers. Though we select only the finest professionals, those who are accepted enjoy an endless stream of opportunities to work. Learn more about joining the hive here.

- The Wedding Bug Family